Shan Rukh Khan Chi Fans Forum

Shan Rukh Khan is more popular in mainland China than in Hong Kong. Here is one of the evidence:

The above forum is the online meeting point of SRK fans in mainland China. And they have all those specified discussion, according to SRK’s films and special topics.

The forum also shared the news of other Bollywood Stars.

What a great site!!!


March 15, 2006. Uncategorized.


  1. J replied:

    yes, that site is really cool, the only problem is very difficult to apply membership…i’ve been waiting nearly 2 mths…sigh~

  2. Shana replied:

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  3. Lo So replied:

    Hi J,

    Would you like to be the contributor of this blog?

    Lo So

  4. J replied:

    i’d love to but i will be extremely busy in the next few weeks. Maybe later when I settle down.

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